Cousine Rose develops the power, magic and beauty of roses. We produce natural, pure herbal products.
Made by hand.
Certified organic, 100 % pure, certified to the highest standards of the world .

Mair Botanics proudly presents the Cousine Rose organic parfume line:
Natural, purely herbal products. Handmade. Controlled, biologically 100% pure, certified to the highest standards.
Made from experience, knowledge and passion. The products are unique, effective and sensual. Harmony for body, mind and spirit through the dewy scent of just-blown roses. A smell like a hug.

The range currently consists of 24 products, ranging from fresh shower gel,
the delicate rose milk bath, highly effective rose serum, rose scent spray,
the magnificent rose incense to the relaxing power of rose tea.



Lange Gasse 41, 1080 Wien, Austria


0043 664 7333 85 51

Cousine Rose

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