DVape.co.nz is a small group of vapers located on Auckland's North Shore. DVape is dedicated to bringing you the best prices in New Zealand.

Our goal is to bring you quality products at the lowest prices. We currently focus on selling time-tested, tried-and true, re-buildable eGo products. We have selected the hottest, most widely-used eGo products, so we can be sure that they are reliable and durable, and we can get fantastic prices for you. Re-buildable clearomizers allow you to extend the life of your unit by changing the atomizer coil, rather than replacing the whole clearomizer.

All of our clearomizers work with all of our batteries, so you can upgrade either at any time. We also offer a small range of parts and accessories to improve the efficiency and convenience of your vaping experience.

Note that we do not sell to anyone under 18!

If you don't currently use nicotine, don't start! If you do, consider reducing the amount of nicotine in your juice!



New Zealand


D Vape

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