DoubleMe3D - full-body 3D scan & print studio

Welcome to the 3D scanning & printing studio DoubleMe3d! With us you are at the right place for a 3D print yourself. A miniature you, a small double, if you have a 3D doll - in short, an exact copy of yourself, but 10 to 17 cm high!
In our studio you go on a turntable stand and while you're running a few rounds you will be scanned from head to toe. The results of the scan (thousands of photos and laser dots that are pasted together) our software makes a 3D model which we will rework our software programs. With this we get the "flaws" in the design such as holes that arise if the scanner does not have to register or repairing other irregularities in certain parts. But we also use the software to create a bust or to combine such as your head on the body of a gorilla elements of different scans together or make up something nice! After editing the scan can be printed.

The figurines can be printed. Different materials and colors For example plastic, sandstone, aluminum and ceramics but also in bronze, silver or gold. Currently we print in a dozen colors, but one at a time. Soon we will start printing. Full color



Kruisweg 6, 2665 HB Bleiswijk, The Netherlands


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