Ebike Rawvehicle Company, based in Brisbane is an Australian owned company. When you purchase a product from Ebike Rawvehicle Company you are tapping into a wealth of experience in the electric and hybrid vehicle industry.

We are Master Distributor of electric vehicle products in Queensland, Northern Territory and the Pacific Islands.

Ebike Rawvehicle Company, are specialists in the field of electric vehicles cars and rocket science hybrid technologies. Our summary experience and expertise in this new industry over three years. Ebike Rawvehicle Company is fast surpassing other more expensive brands on the ebike market.

We also offers tremendous price advantage. All our models have Lithium batteries are smaller in size and weight, require low maintenance and are environmentally safer than Nickel-cadmium batteries which are used in electric bikes selling by most Australian companies here.



24 Alpha St, Taringa QLD 4068, Australia



Ebike Rawvehicle Company

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