Sardinia, the island full of sunshine and color has an ancient cultural agricultural history. The perfect climate, untouched, pure nature and the geographic isolation and the passion of the people for the preservation of traditions make the food and cuisine of Sardinia into a truly memorable occasion.
With us you buy Sardinian specialties and Italian delicacies online from producers who have made a name for itself in this case and were able to convince us with excellent quality, you will learn this further know below!
We are happy to provide you this, vibrant culture unadulterated, pure and fresh home on your table - quickly cooled and safely. Order on weekdays to 17 clock for one shipment on the same da



Br├╝ggener Weg 50, 40670 Meerbusch, Germany


+49 (0) 2159 697 772

Fattoria Sarda

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