Everything for the Forest Garden and more...

Forest gardening is a powerful tool in the important work to create a truly sustainable future for people and planet - building soil, natural diversity and community resilience. Finding the plants and seeds you need to develop a food forest can sometimes be difficult. Food Forestation was created to be a reliable source for your food forest needs.

Food Forestation sells trees, plants and seeds at affordable prices, to create income to support the promotion & development of food forests. Trees & perennials build soil, capturing carbon efficiently. Food forests could help feed us far more sustainably than our present energy intensive agriculture, and their creation enriches our lives, creating local employment producing healthy fresh food, and creating habitat for wildlife that so badly needs it. Bees and other pollinators in particular benefit from forest gardens.



Tavistock Enterprise HUB Pearl Assurance House, Brook Street, Tavistock, Tavistock, Devon PL19 0BJ, UK


Food Forestation

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