is the world’s first leasing company to accept Bitcoin as a payment method! As part of the company’s ongoing effort to be an “intelligent” and forward thinking business customers can now use the cryptocurrency to pay the handling charge which is collected for finance document and administration fees.

Bitcoin is being accepted by merchants across the world every day. You can currently use the currency to pay for a number of products and services ranging from holidays in the sun to a pint at the pub. Now with Intelligent Car Leasing’s decision to accept Bitcoin car leasing can be added to that list.

With a growing interest in alternative payment methods ICL is always looking to keep emerging technologies at the forefront of its business model. Keeping up to date with the range of ways in which customers interact with the company keeps Intelligent Car Leasing ahead of the competition and more open to customer demand.



The Skypark, 8 Elliot Square, Glasgow, Glasgow City G3 8EP, UK


Intelligent Car Leasing

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