Joe Perry, legendary guitar player and cofounder of the world-famous band Aerosmith, has found a way to Rock Your World with a duo of signature table sauces and a bold BBQ sauce.

Drawing from the name of his infamous home studio, The Boneyard, Joe’s first endeavor was to create a bold smokey sauce. “There are plenty of sauces out there that will blow your brains out; I wasn’t interested in that. I wanted to create an all natural, everyday but not-so-everyday sauce with no preservatives for people who appreciate a little zest in their food,” he explains. Using chipotle peppers and the bite of fresh habaneros to achieve the prefect balance, he produced his first signature sauce, Boneyard Brew™

“The bottom line is I won’t put my name on anything – from a guitar to a BBQ sauce – that I don’t personally use”

Family owned and operated, Joe and his family enjoy creating rockin’ flavors using their favorite fresh, all natural and delicious ingredients and sharing them with you. “It’s strange, but its like writing a song. Once you put it out there, people will interpret it different ways. Instead of people telling me stories about my songs, now people are telling me their Rock Your World recipes”. -JP



2637 3900 Road, Coffeyville, KS 67337, USA


Joe Perry

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