Hello Fellow JuiceHeads!

We are a small business based just outside of Boston, Mass. I started mixing once my favorite E-juice was no longer being sold at my go to site. I started mixing for my girlfriend and I, then my friends tried it and starting getting a few bottles from me. Then one of those friends told me I should be selling the liquid and now we are in one store and have some space a small office building, Where we converted one of the offices into a "Lab" to do our mixing.
We aren't the cheapest liquid available, but we try to stay competitive with our prices. We don't have the fanciest labels or nice glass bottles, but what we do have is a very specific set of skills, skills that make us a dream for vapors like you.... We decided to spend more money on quality ingredients instead of glass bottles and super fancy labels.

Try us out and let us know what you think! We love hearing from fellow vapors and are very open to suggestions. Happy Vaping!



Boston, MA 02114, USA



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