Kite Force Academy, located in Kansas City, is the Midwest’s premier online kiteboarding store and professional kitesurfing school!
You will enjoy our large selection of high performance kitesurfing kites, snowkiting and landboarding kites, traction and power kites, kiteboarding accessories, wetsuits and top-notch apparel. Our customizable kitesurfing lessons, taught by certified instructors, will satisfy students of all levels.
Chat with us TODAY and let Kite Force Academy hook you up with all you need to explore and progress in the exhilarating world of kiteboarding

! We accept bitcoin! That’s right, we are proud to be the first school in the US to accept bitcoin in our online store and in person.



Kansas City, MO 64117, USA


201-822-KITE (5483)

Kite Force Academy

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