KnCMiner has been setup to create truly ground breaking mining equipment specifically designed and tailored for the Bitcoin market. The company is created as a joint venture between two strong companies, ORSoC AB and Kennemar & Cole AB. Together we combine different kinds of expertise into KnCMiner which we believe is absolutely critical for a company offering any products and services to the bitcoin industry. ORSoC is a company with a long proven history of expertise within embedded electronic development, focusing on FPGA and ASIC design. With approximately 10 years in the industry, serving several global companies with complex design services as well as development of electronic products guarantees that KnCMiner will have the best possible team for hardware development. Kennemar & Cole is a combination of Andreas Kennemar and Sam Cole. Together having more than 25 years of expertise and global experience of bringing services and products to market. We believe that KnCMiner stands out from the competition because of the following. KnCMiner will change the Bitcoin industry by offering high performance mining products in combination with services that together make it extremely easy and cost efficient to mine Bitcoins in the future. The foundation of the company is of course high performance hardware products, but just as important is to offer services around these products which make it as easy and efficient as possible for everyone to join in. We believe there are many different kinds of people (and companies) out there who want to mine. Each having a different level of technical expertise as well as different kind of financial strength. But mining has to be available for everyone and therefore it is important that there is a player on the market that serves all kinds of people. Imagine if you could rent your mining machine or a quarter of a machine instead of buying it. Then you could get started with less money and you could easily upgrade whenever it suits you. You would then not have to bother about all technical issues to set up your own machine and you have it fixed sooner if anything brakes. Imagine if you could actually decide what Hash-rate you would like to use for the next period and only pay for that. Or, if you already into this game you probably would like to own your own high performance machine, but you rather have it in a datacenter with high security and proper air conditioner, avoid your own electricity cost and assure you are up and running the day after your purchase of your product. On top of all this you should of course have the best possible support service, whatever kind of questions/issue you might have. These kinds of services is what you will get from KnCMiner and that is what makes us unique in this business. Org number: 556931-9725



Birger Jarlsgatan 33, 111 45 Stockholm, Sweden


+46 8559 253 20

KnCMiner AB

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