Kuk Sool Won™ is a martial system, not a single martial art. It is not limited to simply kicking, punching or throwing, but is comprised of the entire spectrum of nearly 4,000 years of the Traditional Korean Martial Arts.

Kuk Sool Won™ goes beyond Karate, beyond Judo, beyond Taekwondo, by teaching self defense, body conditioning techniques, mental development as well as traditional weapons training. Kuk Sool Won™ is a highly scientific study of what the human body is capable of doing.

We offer martial arts classes after school for Kids, Teenagers, Adults, and Families.
Stop by or call to schedule a free introductory lesson



1367 Linda Mar Shopping Center, Pacifica, CA 94044, USA


(650) 557-1096

Kuk Sool Won of Pacifica

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