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who are ALWAYS having "too much fun" - what could be more powerful?

Here's how it all started...

Little Moon Essentialsbegan with an actual dream Laura had in the winter of 1994. She dreamed of a warming, ginger mineral bath, called "Letting Go" that would help with her chronic eczema. She woke up the next morning with the blend in mind, the name, and a picture in her head of the jar. Being a studied aromatherapist and herbalist, she made the base with a combination of salts that was unique and unusual, and very high in essential minerals, with organic ginger as the keystone herb for its therapeutic healing properties. She completed the formula with essential oils known to aid in detoxification and stress relief, lavender, nutmeg & others. She prepared the jar, and took it to the local health food store where she worked, Alfalfa's Market in Boulder, Colorado, asking if they would sell it on consignment. The very next day the entire 10 pounds was gone, an entire gallon jar empty! Thus a dream company had begun, and with it the idea for a new kind of BODY MEDICINE - an easy-to-use product that would pamper you, and ALSO make your body healthier and better, every time you used it. Laura envisioned remedies that would make it easy to re-lease a rotten day or spur on a creative moment - a remedy for every reason!



522 Lincoln Avenue, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487, USA



Little Moon Essentials

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