People are often taken aback by our company name, even asking us to spell “toe.” Yet, the story behind this unusual appellation captures Little Toe Coffee’s mission. Your little toe may be the smallest part of your body, but it brings balance to your step--that tiny toe is important to the rest of your body. Little Toe Coffee's vision is to be that little toe that makes a big difference in its community. Coffee stimulates conversation and companionship, and our hope is to foster a sense of community in our wonderful community. Our vision is to bring people together--through coffee.

Little Toe Coffee, LLC. is bringing the artisan coffee movement to our region as the only roastery cafe, roasting superior quality ethically sourced coffee beans within a distinctive coffeehouse and serving excellent espresso, coffee brewed by various methods, loose-leaf tea, cocoa, and Italian soda.



Bridgeport, TX , USA


Little Toe Coffee

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