Hollyburton Park is located in Clarkefield near Mt Macedon in Victoria, Australia. Hollyburton Park is a 150 year old property it was originally named Hollyburton by the Fairbairns family; who called all the houses they lived in Hollyburton. Our white Suffolk sheep and Angus beef have acres of tree covered river flats, escarpment and grazing land to forage over. Their exceptional taste is due to them being fed on certified organic grass with no supplement feeding and being certified with NASAA guarantees that this product you are buying is produced without the use of chemicals. Madelaine’s Eggs are delicious free range and organic eggs feed an organic feed mix and fresh grass. Her chickens are rotated weekly to ensure they are on fresh grass each week. All our meat is NON Halal – and is processed cruelty free The meat is well aged for tenderness and its cryovaced for longer refrigeration life.



, Clarkefield VIC 3430, Australia


+61 420 500 695

Love Organic

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