Josh Nesbit was a pre-medical undergraduate student at Stanford when he spent the summer working at St. Gabriel’s hospital in rural Malawi. He observed patients walking up to 100 miles to see the hospital’s single doctor and community health workers walking over 30 miles to deliver reports by hand. He also observed stronger cell phone reception in the Malawian rural village than back home in California. The next time he returned to the hospital, he was carrying a suitcase of $10 Nokia phones.

The impact of communication was undeniable. He then joined forces with co-founder Isaac Holeman, and Medic Mobile was born.
Health workers use Medic Mobile to register every pregnancy, track disease outbreaks faster, keep stock of essential medicines and communicate about emergencies. Our platform is built for the last mile of healthcare. We are committed to free, open-source platforms that can be adapted for specific uses backed by evidence.



Golden Gate National Recreation Area, 220 Halleck Street, San Francisco, CA 94129, USA


+1(415) 746-9758

Medic Mobile

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