Here at Multirotor Super Store (MRSS) we bring you high quality hardware, parts, and electronics combined with great customer service, with quick and reasonable shipping. All of our products have been tested in-house and on numerous projects before we make them available to you, to ensure high quality. While you may find marginally lower prices from china direct mega stores, you will not find the same great customer service that you will get here at MRSS. Plus, you get the satisfaction of supporting a small, family-owned business.

You will find that in our frame section that we offer "homebrew" style frames. We do this to support the multirotor community. Without the communitie's rapid DIY development, we wouldn't be able to enjoy this hobby as much as we do, nor have so many great frames to choose from. On the other hand, if you're a frame designer and have a product that you would like to see here on MRSS please contact us!

We specialize in ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) builds that can be custom ordered by contacting us, throughour contact form, e-mailing sales [at] directly, or checking out our BNF stock.



Santa Cruz, CA 95060, USA


Multirotor Superstore

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