Your body has an amazing capacity for healing when your spine and nerves are functioning at the greatest levels of their ability. Through specific spinal adjustments, your nervous system can be cleared of interference to the vital signals sent across it. For this reason, our goal is to liberate the innate healing potential...the doctor from within, if you will...of each person trusting their care to us. You too could experience the reality of health...that when given the right conditions, your body is designed to heal itself!

Our practice members become active participants in their own health and healing so they may get back to enjoying their life. All this with NO drugs, surgeries, or weird procedures of any kind. Just a natural, safe, and effective chiropractic adjustment and a new way to think about your health.



60 Exeter Rd Bldg 100 Suite 101 Newmarket, New Hampshire 03857


(603) 659-0101

Newmarket Family Chiropractic

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