Donation Based Accommodation in Pittsburgh & Cincinatti

We like to say "this is a philosophy, not a business." Not Another Hostel started out as a simple idea, thousands of years ago. When you travel, you are in a strange place, with strange people, and sometimes strange customs. The idea of hospitality started as a way to help out a fellow traveler, not to profit off of them. We are here to help you bridge the gap from your world, to ours. We want to help you truly see our city, be our friends, and learn about how similar and different we all are. This is Not Another Hostel, the only donation based hospitality chain in the world.

We believe that by charging a guest money, you start off with a business contract where you cannot truly be friends. With a donation based hostel, you build a social contract where the sky is the limit. Donate whatever you feel your stay was worth (time, things, money, good jokes) to help this project continue. We truly run on a "pay it forward" model. You can read about our personal reasons for doing this project in Why we do it. You have every right to be skeptical. In a world plagued by violence and evil, it is hard to believe that people can truly be good. Let us prove it to you

Donations in bitcoin welcome..



Pittsburgh, PA 15201, USA


+1 412 667 8362 (Pittsburgh)

Not Another Hostel, Pittsburgh

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