My inspiration for our designs comes from my home country, Thailand, with all its wonderful cultures, colors, landscapes, intoxicating smells and the friendly people.
But I also allow Western influences inspire me . . . which helps me to visualize designs and create some more classic looks.

The materials used, including Indian Voile, Cotton Japan, Spun, Linen and Chiffon along with the incorporation of smaller oriental details, gives theses dresses that extra individual touch.

The NUICHAN collection which brings you an honest, high quality yet remarkable piece of clothing, which is a joy to wear. We like you to feel comfortable and confident, yet relaxed, when wearing clothes from Nuichan. For me it's all about enjoying being a woman, and at the same time looking good and feeling great.

I truly hope you enjoy my dresses!



Cha-am, Amphoe Cha-am, 76120, Thailand



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