Full party planning with exciting regional and fusion menu options!

OzDogs caters your party, corporate/business event or promotional event with our tantalizing regional hot dog (and burger) styles like the zingy Hawai'ian Style, our local Sonoran Style and the spectacular Chicago Style hot dogs. We constantly seek out select sausages like basil with sundried tomato and apple-chicken sausages. We have something for every taste, we do kosher, we do vegetarian, we have great suggestions for side dishes and we offer our fabulous shaved ice desserts to wrap it up. We take care of your whole party plan for groups of a dozen up to 3000 attendees from our two spotlessly gleaming hot dog carts. And we do this more affordably than almost any other option. Call us today and we'll get your party started!

The shaved ice thing. A sensual realm unto itself...

Doing standard shaved flavors for kids at the zoo is great fun but at night we take shaved ice to a Nirvanna of scent and color. Coffee with washed raw sugar, passionfruit with just a dash of jasmine oil, green tea with sweet milk, we begin to incorporate essential oils and organic flavors that you can literally smell coming. Aromatherapy on ice. Want to take this Asian Fusion? Wow your guests with our ice kacang or halo-halo with red azuki bean paste, sweet milk, washed raw sugar, organic tamarind flavor and local fruits in season. In contrast to (our admittedly exotic) hot dogs, the "adult shaved ice" line is a very upscale product with an emphasis on a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere we find goes well with cocktails. We invite spontaneous collaborations with your favorite bartenders and barristas. Visit us at www.AZHotdog.com or call us today to make this magic happen for you.

Great places to put us:

1. By the pool side or on the patio.
2. Next to the cabana at the park.
3. Up the freight elevator and out onto the balcony.
4. At your business promotional event or grand opening.
6. At your employee picnic or customer retention award day.

Not so great places to put us:

1. Out in the parking lot. Too lonely.
2. On unpaved or unturfed surfaces. There's health issues with dust.
3. Indoors. We cook with propane fires. We can do shaved ice indoors.
4. On steep inclines. These carts are on wheels and they are pretty heavy. We almost had one get away from us once. We wish we had a video of that.

It's all about outdoor living 3 out of 4 seasons in Phoenix. Get in touch today by calling 602-715-8659 and we'll take your party where you want it to be. We also take precious metals! Barter isn't out of the question! Free trade for free people!



6 North Old Litchfield Road, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340, USA



OzDogs of Phoenix

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