We at pock.io are enormous supporters of cryptocurrency and the exciting potential it provides for society as a whole. We set up pock.io in 2014 to allow people to spend their cryptocurrencies on things they wanted in the form of gift cards purchased easily through pock.io. The number of merchants worldwide accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is increasing rapidly and the more that people and companies utilise and thus support the technology, the more it will prosper worldwide. These are very exciting times indeed and we have been very intrigued by how the technology has progressed over the last couple of years. It is our mission to build on this and bring much more liquidity, stability and validity to cryptocurrency through trading via pock.io in the UK. And what's more, we would love to be part of the universal uptake to a digital currency which offers peer-to-peer transfer of money on a global scale with extremely low fees, which is decentralised, less inflationary than fiat currencies and is free to accept with no payment freezes or chargebacks. Recent leaps forward in the regulation, reputation and security of cryptocurrencies have further cemented our passion for the technologies. The assortment of available altcoins, which also includes Peercoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Maxcoin were selected due each of the respective altcoin innovations; on both the cryptographic protocol and the dedicated, hard working and charitable communities helping raise notable donations and publicity for digital currencies. We're striving to achieve these steps forward with customer value in mind - as such we operate on very low margins - and any donations will be extremely welcome but not mandatory. Donations will allow us to continue streamlining the buying process and incorporate our product to more merchants in a quicker manner.


1 Queens Road, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX16 0EB, UK


01295 273165

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