Samples and full-size bottles of the most popular premium US e-Juice / e-Liquid flavours and blends on the market. Now available in Canada!

Have you ever contemplated trying a new flavour of eJuice but then decided against it because you didn't want to spend $10-$30 plus shipping on a bottle of eJuice that you weren't sure you'd like?

At, we have created an online store for you to purchase 3 ml sample dropper bottles of the very best personal vaporizer and e-cigarette fluids (i.e. eJuices) on the market at a fraction of the price of the traditional 15-30 ml bottles. This will afford you the opportunity to sample all of the most popular flavours and blends and spend your hard-earned money on the eJuices you like the most.



, Canada


Premium Ejuice Samples

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