I tuned pianos on the side for about 10 years in Birmingham, AL while doing miscellaneous other jobs in music, audio, and theatre before making piano technology my primary trade. My clients are happy with my work and I strive to constantly improve my skills and the services I offer.

I know that in order to provide the best service to my clients I need to learn from those with more experience and keep up with current information in the field of piano technology. Because of this I joined the Piano Technicians Guild as an Associate Member. I attend monthly meetings and continued education sessions, and I attend the PTG's Annual Convention and Technical Institute where I get the opportunity to learn from nationally recognized piano technicians. I am not a Registered Piano Technician (RPT), but I am working toward that goal. So far I have passed two of three tests required to be awarded the RPT designation.

I will treat your piano with care.

I will communicate with you honestly about your piano's needs.

I will listen carefully to your concerns and wishes for your piano's maintenance.



Birminham AL 35071, USA


(205) 693-9963

Robertson Piano tuning

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