The Glassup eye-glasses report the incoming emails, text-messages, tweets, Facebook updates.…

Via Ganaceto, 93-95, 41121 Modena, Italy


GlassUp eyeglasses show to the user short pieces of information, over imposed on reality. Depending on the specific app you download, you'll see: notifications, driving directions, translations, heartbeats, scores,…

Via Ganaceto, 93-95, 41121 Modena MO, Italia



Suns Truck

Suns Truck

Inspired by the food-truck generation, SunsTruck is a sunglass store on wheels – an eye-opening and innovative mobile retail experience. Launching Summer 2014, SunsTruck can be found at the sunniest…

Brooklyn, NY 11216, USA



"Vice-Roy represents the core essence of creativity mixed with adventure. The Vice-Roy philosophy is all about creativity and adventure. Vice-Roy products are developed with this philosophy. Every product made by…

Sydney NSW 2000, Australia