The products products carried in the Bare Boutique were selected because they might be of interest to naturists/nudists. Obviously, many of the items at the Bare Boutique are convenience items (e.g. drinks, ice cream, charcoal, etc...) that are only available in the physical store but many naturism/nudism related items are also available in the online store.

The Bare Boutique is also a resource for reference material about naturism. All of the books, magazines, and videos have been carefully selected to be consistent with the naturist philosophy. There are some popular items for sale on the internet that we intentionally do not carry despite the fact that they claim to be naturist or nudist. While those items might generate significant revenue, they are more likely to appeal to those with a prurient interest in exploiting naturism and are rarely purchased by naturists. You will not find those types of items in the Bare Boutique. But the absence of an item does not mean it should not be in the store. If you know of a product that you think is consistent with the naturist creed, please contact us and let us know about it.

The Bare Boutique also carries some branded Bare Oaks merchandise and items that are particularly well suited to the needs of naturists. (such as a towel with a pocket for your keys and money) You will find these products in this online shop too.

New products will be added regularly so keep checking!



Connett Drive, Mount Albert, ON L0G 1M0, Canada


+1 (905) 473-2462

The Bare Boutique

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