I opened The Dashcam Store with the primary goal of providing in-car video cameras to the U.S. market in order to increase overall driver awareness and road safety in this country. We believe an informed driver is a safer driver. I've definitely noticed myself driving more defensively when using a dash cam in my own vehicle (and now I never drive without one). By viewing the dashcam footage from other drivers, and using your own dash cam, you can understand and avoid certain risks which you may not have been aware of before. And of course, should you be involved in an accident, your dash cam will provide evidence of the truth for you should proof become necessary.

Furthermore, it is my sincere hope that by recording more and more video evidence of what is happening on our roadways, scientists, engineers, and community leaders can form a better picture of where traffic safety improvements can take place.



Austin, TX 78701, USA


+1 888-855-5470

The Dashcam store

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