Ticket To The Moon created the parachute hammock in 1996, in Bali, Indonesia. As an ethical company, we love to think that we are more like some kind of tribe rather than just a business: not only do we develop and create innovative and useful products, but we also promote different ways of life.

The TTTM parachute hammock is delivered in its own compact pouch, making it ideal as a travel bed, and perfect for taking a nap or just chilling. It makes for a marvelous playground too...

The original TTTM set up system using stainless hooks and nautical ropes remains the easiest and safest available on the market. Another convenient way to set up your hammock uses high-grade carabiners & tree-friendly straps. Over the years, TTTM has developed a complete range of hammock, hammock accessories like The Tarp, The Mosquito Net 360° and The Carabiner, and a number of other lifestyle products such as the Moon Chair, the Beach Blanket, the Pocket Frisbee and our famous Eco-Friendly Bags. The high quality material and hand finish make all TTTM products suitable for an adventurer’s trip or for daily use.



Jalan Muding Batu Sangian VI No.10, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia



Ticket to The Moon

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