Toga Vin og Ølstue is not your ordinary Danish tavern. It boasts 49 types of spirits and 15 types of beer, and has served 6,531 types of guests.

Known as the “Political Pitcher Foundry” named after Holberg’s comedy “The Political Thinker”, Toga is one of Copenhagen’s oldest and most reputable pubs, frequently visited by politically interested guests.

Are you in the mood for a casual night out with unconstrained attire, moderate prices, and bitcoin payments? Toga is calling your name and will even charge your phone if it runs out of battery in the midst of a passionate political conversation at 2:00 in the morning!



Store Kirkestræde 3, 1073 København K, Denmark


Toga Vinstue

Opening Hours

Day Open Close
Monday 14:00 03:00
Tueday 14:00 03:00
Wednesday 14:00 03:00
Thurday 14:00 04:00
Friday 12:00 05:00
Saturday 11:00 05:00
Sunday 16:00 22:00

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