Nestled in the heart of a downtown revitalization movement in the heart of Salisbury, Maryland, my studio is situated perfectly to harness the natural sunlight that shines over the buildings and into my windows! With almost 600 sq ft of studio space we are equipped with all the tools needed to capture many memories, portraits of memories, and all other photographic services. We are open most of the time, and will be taking appointments only for the time being. We are busy and a lot of our clients love to be outside while shooting, so we go on adventures all the time! Stop by and checkout our gallery of artwork from local artisans as well as some of my work. We will be hosting local artisans work in our gallery during each 3rd Friday, and hopefully having some small acoustic session going on whenever possible. Music and photography, especially motion photography are an awesome accompaniment.

Special considerations will be made for Trading for Portfolio work. Island weddings receive an immediate discount and I love shooting things that are not standard. Anytime I can take myself and you out of the box and do something crazy, or beautiful or crazily beautiful... I am into the job.



113-117 West Main Street, Salisbury, MD 21801, USA


+1 443-420-7386

Tony Weeg photography

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