With a Masters Degree in Gastronomy, a Masters Degree in Management, two decades of culinary delight and as many years of military experience, Brian offers a wealth of knowledge, and experience. His informative and entertaining narratives cover the joys of the dining experience, the creation of sumptuous meals, the historical and cultural context of food, and effective food industry management.


Exploring the traditional and the avant garde, Brian’s recipes and classes are designed to expand your repertoire as well as to impart foundational skills and concepts so that you gain increasing confidence to experiment with ingredients and ideas. For both health and flavour, there is always a focus on natural ingredients


Focusing on the influence of the media on restaurants in 21st century Sydney, Brian’s Master’s Thesis in Gastronomy gave insight into the nature of the Sydney dining population and the impact of professional and amateur food reviews on restaurants. This industry specific knowledge compliments a Master’s Degree in Management and 10 years of leadership experience. Together, these enable Brian to identify and provide information and strategies to guide decision making within the restaurant and hospitality industries, in areas such as development and maintenance of a solid and loyal customer base, effective cost saving measures and the timing of innovation and consolidation.



2 Cardigan Lane, Camperdown NSW 2050, Australia



Underground Gourmet

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