We offer the most complete line of solid brass classic oil lamps and lanterns available. From traditonal Nautical Oil Lamps and Hurricane Lanterns, to Custom Electric Lanterns and more. The perfect blend of form and function our lamps add a distinctive look to any decor, as well as being fully operational for ambient and emergency lighting. Great for your home, boat, restaurant, wedding, as well as unique gifts.
At Vermont Lanterns, we strive to bring you the best vintage style Kerosene Oil Lamps & Electric Lanterns in today’s market place. Check out our huge selection and accessories like lamp oil, replacement wicks, chimneys and hangers. We are proud to offer a beautiful and unique product and provide fast, friendly service to our customers



127 Park Street, Rutland, VT 05701, USA


(802) 776-8025

Vermont Lanterns

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