VisualTouch is a complete point of sale system that provides you with the advanced POS functionality you need in order to manage your business. The VisualTouch system will save you time and money by reducing errors and improving the efficiency of your staff. Waiters and waitresses spend less time totaling guest checks and routing orders and more time serving customers. VisualTouch operates on standard computers and components, allowing for easy and economical installations. Our software is compatible with all Windows operating systems.

Our POS system is highly intuitive, efficient, and feature packed with practical business solutions. Streamlined design and a real understanding of the restaurant business means that our POS system will take you where you need to go in a minimum number of steps. VisualTouch will save you time training employees with features such as on-line help and training modes where an employee can work and learn on the system without affecting the rest of your operations.

VisualTouch helps you build success through every level of your enterprise, from making sure each customer gets the right order on time to inventory and payroll cost controls. All of our technology is fully scalable so it can serve your needs whether you're a neighborhood restaurant or a worldwide chain. We encourage you to browse our site to learn more, and always feel free to contact us directly with any inquiries that you may have.
Toshiba VisualTouch is a complete point of sale system that provides the advanced POS functionality needed for business management. VisualTouch POS is used in the Hospitality, Food Service, Grocery, Retail and Concession industries with a combined install base of more than 6,000 unique customers and some customers having up to 1,600 locations each. VisualTouch will use BitPay’s POS-integration solutions to grow bitcoin acceptance through brick-and-mortar retail locations that may have not considered bitcoin acceptance in the past.



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Visual touch

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