WATERIDO can help you with the single most important substance there is WATER. Our goal is to let everyone experience this number-one drinking water. WATERSPRINGThe human body consists of approximately 70% water, thus it is essential for life. It is one of the most remarkable substances there is. Water expands when it freezes and all weather systems in the world are regulated by it. It is life-giving. Water has the quality to absorb, move and purify other substances. This ability is affected by pollution. Water is an information carrier and remembers all the substances (good and bad) that are being added. It is possible through a WaterIdo treatment, for water to restore all its best properties. So every living creature has access to good quality drinking water. You can use the WaterIdo device without maintenance to permanently clarify your drinking water. You get pure water for a healthy life and a healthy environment.



Bas Jungeriusstraat 234A, 3081 VS Rotterdam, Netherlands




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