It was in March 2011 when Angus and his then girlfriend, now wife, were travelling through the Nappa Valley in the US, when he first saw an aerator. Impress with how it changed the taste of wine, he decided to buy for his dad as a gift. In the September of that same year, while the family gathered around the table after watch the footy grand final, the aerator was a hit. Everyone was wanting to try it out and were have competitions to see if they could taste the difference – they all could. Someone asked Angus where he got it from and said it would make a perfect christmas gift. This gave Angus the idea to start this site and share the joy of making good wine, taste great!
Wine Gear is proud to supply the best wine aerators and wine accessories at the best price right across Australia. We are a small family business located in Melbourne Australia.



Melbourne VIC Australia


Wine Gear

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